Now Is a Great Time to Visit Israel

Whether you’re a Jew, Christian, or Muslim, the country of Israel offers many areas of interest. Israel is significant to many of the world’s religions, and is also important historically, archaeologically and Biblically. Many areas mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments are found in Israel, which is one of the many reasons it attracts millions of visitors each year. From Galilee in the northern region to Eilat in the south, Israel has dozens of attractions sure to delight and enthrall anyone who goes there.

Why Visit Israel?

The question should not be “Why visit Israel?” Rather, the real question is why not visit this gorgeous and interesting country? The modern State of Israel has been an official country since 1948, and is home to millions of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. From the areas where Jesus lived and ministered to the places where people like Moses and Abraham walked the earth, Israel truly has something for everyone. Companies that offer trips to Israel offer a variety of tours that include:

  • Package tours that include classical Israeli tours to places such as Jordan and Petra, as well as tours geared towards both Jews and Christians
  • Private tours that include visits to places such as Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Galilee, and many more
  • One-day tours to places such as Nazareth, Capernaum, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Masada

With tours that last anywhere from three-and-a-half hours to fifteen days, tour companies will make sure you do not miss anything significant on your excursion. Regardless of your interests – archaeological landmarks such as temples and stone buildings or Biblically-significant areas such as Bethlehem and Jericho – these companies will include knowledgeable tour guides that will point out everything that is important to your journey. In fact, many of these companies offer more personalized approaches to your tour and will even allow you some leeway when it comes to planning your itinerary.

Tour Companies’ Offerings

Tour companies make it very simple to choose a tour. Many of them have an online form that you can fill out, specifying where and when you’d like to go on your tour and displaying all of your options on the computer screen. You can even search for what you want via a search feature, and you can fill out an online inquiry form with any special requests or needs you might have. For these and other reasons, it is always best to start your holiday planning by going online first.

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