Best Lake Vacation in America

Welcome to Lac Supérieur or the Lake Superior which is also the largest amongst Great Lakes in North America. It is recorded to be the largest freshwater lake in the entire World surface area wise. Tourism is popular in the area as the spectacular shorelines and wonderful wilderness, invites tourists and adventurers alike.

Best Lake Vacation in America Lake Superior

Quick facts: Lake Superior happens to be in between Canada and US. On its north and east is Canada’s Ontario; on the west is America’s Minnesota and on the south is again America’s Michigan and Wisconsin. It is 563 kilometers long with the largest width going 258 kilometers. Around 200 rivers feed the Lake these include Nipigon, St. Louis, Sturgeon, Michipicoten, White, Tahquamenon, Pic, Kaministikwia and Pigeon. Depending on the weather conditions the lake is used for transportation purposes using the lake freighters.

Nature and adventure lovers flock to this destination. It is an excellent spot to just unwind, take a romantic holiday, bond with the family for a vacation or just plan an adventure in the scenic outdoors. Great Lakes Circle Tour presents a visual treat for the visitors; this includes the Lake Superior Circle Tour or the LSCT. Foreigners who would like to visit the Lake must first be granted a tourist visa. There are exceptions to this rule as citizens of certain countries that fall under the Visa Waiver program don’t need a valid visa.  They just need to check ESTA visa status regarding authorization and then plan their travels.

Superior National Forest lies on the north shore of Lake Superior 3,900,000 acres of woods and waters make it a wonderful place to be for hiking and camping. Boating and fishing are popular recreational activities here in the area. Superior National Golf Course offers opportunities for playing golf on its 27 holes course. Gondola or the “Mountain Tram” as it is also called is a must ride for stunning views of the lake and the Poplar River. The ride takes the visitors from Moose Mountain to Summit Chalet. Heights of 1,000 feet make it awesome place to have memorable lunch.

United States’ National Wilderness Preservation system covers over 1,000 lakes and this is where canoeing can be enjoyed well. For more fun there is sea kayaking. Instructions and guided tours can be arranged to explore the lake at one’s own pace, or have a professional, skilled and experienced paddler who take over and allow the tourists to absorb the beauty of the place.

There are a variety of fish that inhabits the lake, actually somewhere over 80 types – these include the native species and others like yellow perch, sea lamprey, brown trout, white sucker, walleye, white perch, carp, smallmouth bass, round whitefish, rock bass, pumpkinseed, northern pike, muskellunge, longnose sucker, lake whitefish, atlantic salmon, lake trout, lake sturgeon, cisco, burbot, brook trout, bloater, chinook / coho / pink salmon, freshwater drum, round goby and the banded killifish. Lodges, inns, hotels and suites make the holidays comfortable.

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